Thursday, October 29, 2009

Guess where we are for prizes!

Anna and David have been traveling again - this time to somewhere warm and humid and where the locals speak Spanish. This location is NOT on the radar of many travellers!

The first two Images Newsletter or Blog readers to email with the correct answer (guess the city) wins a prize! The first gets a free registration to any of our Fall Workshops or Classes in the Vancouver, BC area and the second second gets a free digital and travel photography explained tutorial CD with free shipping. Hint: .... an island. If you are first and live outside of the Vancouver, BC area you can select the Tutorial CD.

Email your answer to Good luck!

Thanks to the correct answers (finally!!) to our last quiz (where we were not in a salt mine, Turkey or on the moon). We were in the Greek island of Milos, on the pumice covered and very beautiful and idyllic beach at Sarakiniko.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ziplining in Costa Rice

David and Anna continue their world travels by ziplining the rain forest jungle of Costa Rica. With cable runs of 10 different sections, they zipped above the rainforest trees, waterfalls and panoramic coastal ocean views at exhilarating high speeds with a simple harness and cable. Gaining confidence with each run, we videotaped ourselves while screaming joy and excitement. Watch for our YouTube posting shortly. Here is Anna in a moment of glee and enjoying this life experience.

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