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Images Now! Dec 2010 Newsletter Now Online

We just posted the December 2010 issue of Images Now!  A newsletter for our clients & partners; photographers, travellers & dreamers; editors, publishers & photo buyers. Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Field Notes From A Fun Product Photography Assignment

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Copyright 2010 David/Anna Smith

Fresh Baked Pastries
These close-up images of baked breads, rolls, buns, croisants and sweet pastries came fresh from a French bakery based in Vancouver, BC. The photo gallery of tasty images is posted at our Interface Images online archives

This product photography incudes crusty croissants, glazed fruit pastry, dinner rolls, whole multigrain grain breads, sourdough buns, holiday Christmas yule logs, cinnamon buns, Copenhagen Danish pastry, wedding cake and pastries laden with frosted icing. Yummy!

Lighting of this commercial photography project included a light box, off camera strobe flashes, daylight lamps and ambient light to give the desired shadow and side lighting effects. Five light sources were used: 2 off camera flash units (with Tiffen difusers) over the top of the light box, 2 blue lamps with domes(blue incadescents to create the colour of sunlight)  facing to the front of the lightbox (on either side of the camera) and the ambient room light from a widow.  The shadow effect was easily changed by moving the position of the overhead strobes and the angle of the blue lights. 

I used a Canon 7D and its strobe wireless transmitter to run the strobe flashes set to slave mode. Using a tripod I was able to set a high f stop to maximize depth of field and not worry about the slow shutter speed.  When using the spot focus I ensured that the focus point was in the middle depth range of each product for maximum clarity.  With a lens focal point at about 35mm to mimimize perspective distortion (35mm on that camera is equivalent to the 50mm functionality of the human eye) I moved the camera back and forth to fill the frame.

My client approved each image for shadow and the effect and helped speed up the flow by setting up the pastries. Thanks to Mario Armitano of La Baguette Bakery on  Granville Island, Vancouver for the tasty pastries and the ongoing art photography and product photography business.  He is an incredible sculpturer and master chef.

The cool thing about commercial photography of food like this is the photographer (and client!) got to eat a few of the subjects right after the shoot. 

Our corporate product photography clients have included industrial equipment, jewelley, fine art, packaging and food assignments.  For more information visit Image by Interface or contact David Smith

We await wine and chocolate projects!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Interface Images photo selected as an editor's choice in Canon Professional Network competition

One of David Smith's images of Guatemalan women fruit sellers has been selected as an editor's choice in a Canon Professional Network (CPN) competition of travel, landscape and architecture images worldwide. During September CPN readers from around the world submitted their travel, landscape and architecture images for review by GEO Saison Picture Editor Karin Rogers.

In a multimedia presentation she chooses 32 pictures and talks in detail about her favourite ones.

Colorful close-up portraits of ethnic Mayan women
 wearing local costume in Antigua, Guatemala, Central America

She also gives advice to photographers hoping to make a career in travel photography. Rogers told CPN: "Ten years ago [GEO Saison] would have been content with showing beautiful, calm landscapes. Nowadays that's not enough - you want to meet the people [of a destination], you want something more personal, livelier, more action."

Rogers said that her final choices are all images that would be considered by GEO Saison. "Being a travel magazine, we want to show the beautiful world. [Our stories] are always on the positive side," she added.

David Smith, founder of Interface Images commented this image (above) was taken on a recent tour of Central America at the UNESCO site in Antigua, Guatemala. I agree with Karin's comments about this image and is the style of ethnic life and portraits we love to photograph across the world.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Free Desktop Calendar - Bahamas Beach Scene & Horses - Wow!

Download your free desktop calendar here

Half Moon Cay, Bahamas with horses on the beach and a Holland America cruise ship waiting to take you to more exotic locations in the Caribbean. This image is a perfect wallpaper for your desktop - plenty of room for icons and simply idyllic!  Enjoy.

With the compliments of Interface Images - World Travel, Ethnic Life & Arts and Public Speaking.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Photo Adventures in a Nubian Village near Aswan, Egypt

A proud Nubian man
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Copyright 2010 David/Anna Smith

Our first overnight stay of our Nile felucca adventure was on an isolated Nile River bank near Aswan, Egypt. Earlier, in the heat of day, we jumped into the surprisingly cold and refreshing Nile and lazed under the protecting woven canopy as our Nubian captain and crew tacked against strong north winds. The slow movement down river allowed glimpses of life along the Nile river as we crisscrossed this famous and historic river. With dusk emerging, the strong winds quickly abated so we tied up to a fallen tree on the riverbank, ate a pleasant Egyptian dinner of rice, beans and bbq’d chicken while watching occasional donkeys and camels being led by locals stroll by and bird wildlife cross our view.

Ehab Ghareb, our wonderful OntheGo tour guide, casually announced he could lead us to a Nubian village – lets go! No time to change out of our swimsuits, we donned our tops and sandals and hiked up the muddy riverbank to a dirt road atop the river dyke. We are glad we grabbed our cameras!

The Nubians with very dark skin are an ethnic group originally from northern Sudan and southern Egypt. Ancient Nubians were famous for their vast wealth arising from trade between cenral Africa and the lower Nile civilizations, their great military, their advanced civilization, and their century-long rule over the Pharoahs of the united upper and lower Egyptian kingdoms. The creation of the Aswan dams in the early 20th century and 1960’s forced Numbians to evacuate to villages and cities across Eypypt. We are going to visit one of those tiny villages.

Camel riding on the Nile
After a 10 minute walk, with local villagers meeting and greeting us with shy warm smiles, we entered a collection of small houses surrounding a muddy courtyard. This was in fact the home of “Fuzzy” one of the felucca crewmen and we were invited into their homes to take photos and see how they lived. Three generations of the same family lived in the 2 or 3 homes around the courtyard and they willingly posed for us while teaching a few Arabic phrases and offering tea. The light from the setting sun was magical and the local Nubians so warm and friendly that we had no time for tea or shisha water pipes, this was a lifetime photo opportunity and we took it.

A first camera experience
An old proud woman wearing an indigo shawl and robe brought her daughter and grandchildren into the courtyard and we exchanged greetings in both Arabic and English while snapping away. One little girl was offered to hold a huge SLR camera and within a few seconds guidance of how to take a picture she was snapping away and admiring her achievements on the camera’s LCD with a twinkle in her eye.

David, reminiscing Steve McCurry’s famous National Geographic Afghan girl, the dimming light caught the old woman’s eye to create a friendly glint and charming smile while he caught several shots. Everyone sat on porches facing the courtyard to bask in the last sunrays and men and women willingly posed and smiled while the warming yellow light faded to blue as evening quickly turned to darkness in this primitive and enchanting village.

On the return to our felucca, our excellent travel and photo adventure continued as Anna was offered a donkey ride by a young boy, all captured in a video clip that will guarantee to make you smile. Not wanting this day to end, we sat on the riverbank with more villagers and were granted more stories of everyday life along with genuine friendship and questions of how we were enjoying Egypt. We answered an overwhelming yes! As we waved goodbye, we marveled at our fortune to be so warmly welcomed in local ethnic communities all over the world. Egyptians and in particular, Nubians are some of the warmest people you can meet.

Visit our Interface Images photo gallery of our adventures in a Nubian village here
Nubian boy, Anna and Ehab

Note: This story is part of a series of “David and Anna’s Excellent Travel and Photo Adventures” (tm) across the globe and is available by license to publishers and the media in various lengths and accompanied by high resolution photographs and video clips. Syndication of this series is available. David and Anna are published world travel photographers, writers and keynote speakers based in Vancouver, BC. More information us available on their web sites and Contact 604-818-7662 or

Saturday, September 4, 2010

FALL 2010 Digital Photography Class/Workhops Announced

David Smith's popular series of digital photography and camera workshops for Vancouver, BC area photographers will be continued this Fall at West Vancouver's Ferry Building Gallery, Surrey Art Centre and North Vancouver's Park & Tilford Gardens. This Fall's offerings include full day Digital Camera Workshops for Beginners or Enthusiasts, Mastering Your Digital SLR or Point and Shoot Camera, and Editing and Sharing Your Digital Images. David's schedule of keynote speeches and  camera club presentations is also announced.

In case you haven't heard David's presentations are known to inform, entertain and inspire! He teaches photography worldwide and will be taking a Fall break from 5 years of intensive traveling so he is able expand his class and workshop offerings this Fall until he and his wife Anna hit the adventure trails again in 2011. Camera club presentations and keynote speeches and lectures for travel industry, corporate & customer appreciation events are also available.

For details of all the above offerings and more visit his Image by Interface web site Photography Training Page or view the online posters for each location

How to Register

To register online for the Digital Camera Workshops at the Park & Tilford Gardens visit our P&T Workshop Registration Page .To register for any of the sessions at the Ferry Building Gallery call 604-925-7270 or at the Surrey Art Centre call 604-501-5100
 For more information

Contact David Smith cell 604-818-7662 or visit our photography training site

Private tutoring available

David also tutors beginner, enthusiast and professional photographers digital and travel photography, use of cameras, flash systems, portrait photography, Photoshop Elements, Photoshop, Adobe Bridge, Proshow Gold, Proshow Producer and location and studio lighting techniques, image workflow, marketing and stock photography subjects

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Why I Love Travel Photograhy

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Copyright 2010 David/Anna Smith

My wife Anna and I have a mission: “Capture the world – one smiling face at a time”

There are many problems in today’s world but if individuals (and their leaders) would smile more perhaps some of those problems will disappear. This submission is a representation of my collection of close up colorful portraits of ethnic peoples from 6 continents in their local costume and environment and smiling at me - and now they are smiling at you. Perhaps this gallery this will counterbalance the typically dark depressed imagery common to editorial photography that covers what’s bad in the world and might, perhaps, represent what’s good in the world.

Face the World with a Smile (tm) - Images by David Smith

I worked and traveled for 35 years only in North America and Europe on non-photography related business until becoming a photographer in 2003 to follow my lifelong passion. After a successful career in business and crisis management I quickly morphed into a full time career of travel and people photography. My passion for people photography and teaching it has lead me across the world several times in the last several years and I will continue to travel and photograph people until either I stop smiling or people stop smiling at me.

Covering ethnic life, cultural activities and local festivals, I find that there is a common thread among all peoples, cultures and religions – people will actually smile at you – sooner or later. My passion for people and photography gave me the opportunity to visit and live among ethnic cultural groups, different world religions and befriended Asians, Africans, Pacific Islanders, South Americans, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Berbers, Hindus and more. By getting to know individuals and their friends and family in their own habitat, my wife Anna and I quickly learned that nearly all people regardless of race, wealth, language, cultural status or religion will always communicate, immediately or eventually, with a smile, an embrace, incredible hospitality or became Facebook friends because you smiled at them, took and interest in them and ask their permission to photograph them. When I show them their image on the back of your camera – magic happens and people always smile.

“The best cultural ice breaker in the world is a smiling photographer who takes the time to know and share images with his subjects” commented World travel photographer David Smith with an enthusiastic smile and a glint in his eye.

After returning home from each travel adventure, I saw how biased the modern western world is to other cultures and religions because people don’t have the time or inclination to travel and to really know others around the world. My wife Anna and I fortunately do and our motivation for our major works are to communicate the peace and friendship that we find in others as we travel and pass that on through our Faces of the World collections, key note speeches and lectures. Anna lectures on exotic fabrics of the world and our travels to local arts, craft and fabric creators and merchants gives us always colorful photo opportunities and smiles.

Recent ongoing personal projects include “Faces of the World” – capturing and editing candid portraits of ethnic people worldwide for a photo book, a world travel images and stories Blog at, commercial projects of Vancouver and Buenos Aires travel imagery for John Wiley & Sons, editorial photography for ASTM International, Opulence Magazine and key note speaking and lecturing for cruise ship lines, camera clubs and various corporations. I am represented by Alamy,, Photographers Direct and others with my Interface Images collection of 8,000 high resolution images online at

We are still organizing and editing images and video clips from our collection of over 25,000 new digital files. We hope to compete this by the end of 2010. We will self publish a book entitled for consumers and photo enthusiasts and incorporate selected images and video clips in our keynote speeches and lectures for travel and business audiences. We are also writing stories of our amazing travel and photo adventures and will incorporate our new people images there. As always our images are available for book, magazine and web site publishers.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

We still love to photograph Vancouver weddings in the rain!

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Copyright 2010 David/Anna Smith

Rainy day weddings in Vancouver are a photographer's dream (and nightmare). The lovely saturated colors, soft lighting and Ashley, the beautiful bride, makes for perfect wedding photographs.  As the photographer I wore my big Tilley hat and "sort-of" waterproof jacket but I still got soaked - but the results were truly worth it.

I kept my camera somewhat dry by tucking it under my loosely fitting jacket and by frequently checking for and cleaning off raindrops on the front of my Canon lenses I kept image rejects and Photoshop editing later to a bare minimum.  My assistant (and wife) Anna would also hold an umbrella over my camera (not me!!) from time to time. The cool moist day fogged up my key lens completely for 30 minutes when I entered the warmer reception area but I made a quick recovery by changing the lens and sticking the fogged lens on a warm register. 

by David Smith
Ashley and Ken's wedding was at the beautiful Minter Gardens in Rosedale, BC in the Fraser Valley - one of my favorite wedding photography locales in the entire BC Lower Mainland.

Late afternoon clearing permitted umbrellas to be put away for a while and lighting magic occurred.

Dave's Dynamo Effect (tm)
I used my "in" famous 'Dave's Smile Circle' tm  and 'Dave's Dynamo Effect' tm camera techniques for some cool and funky portraits.  Both techniques are described in details elsewhere in this Blog.

Have a look at our Image by Interface wedding photography web site for more images from this wedding and many others from the Vancouver, BC region. By the way, congratulations to the lovely bride and groom!
Dave's Smile Circle (tm)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The French Riviera of the Caribbean

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Copyright 2010 David/Anna Smith Photography by Interface Images

St. Maarten/St. Martin: A Perfect Beach Destination

As frequent visitors to the Caribbean one of our favorite island beaches is Orient Beach in St. Maarten. Evoking a welcome to the Caribbean mood it has an eclectic mixture of walk alone peacefulness, funky beach bars with color coded umbrellas and at one end, being typically French, naked tan lined bodies. True beach aficionados flock to play in the sun and crystal blue waters of Orient Bay, the French Riviera of the Caribbean.

Our favorite beach bars ($12 gets you 2 chilled drinks, umbrella and lounge chairs for the day) are near “clothing optional’ Club Orient at the northern end so we can sip, tan, snack and sneak peak naked bodies drifting by. A variety of small beach huts sell beachwear, sun tan lotion and island trinkets to keep the shoppers happy. Just strolling on the white soft sand in the warm breeze has such a calming effect that we cast off our clothes without a care and truly enjoyed skinny-dipping amongst the lapping waves.

A short taxi ride ($6 per person each way) from the port of Philipsburg on the Dutch side in St. Martin, your driver will reliably return for you when requested. Cruise ships frequently visit the island for day stops so it can get crowded at the main entrance to the beach. A mile long, there is plenty of room for everyone. The French side has plenty of other beautiful beaches; try Marcel’s Cove at Anse Marcel, Friars Bay near Marigot or nearby Le Galion. On the Dutch side go to Mullet Bay or the good snorkeling at Dawn Beach near Oyster Pond.

With two island cultures of Dutch (Saint Martin) and French (Saint Maarten), it is the smallest island in the world that is governed by dual sovereign states, divided nearly equally between France and the Netherlands. While certainly Caribbean, the old world character traits still linger. The French side is laid back, standoffish and intense about fine cuisine while the Dutch side is fun loving, friendly and focused on nightlife. It’s like a tour of northern Europe wearing shorts and sandals.

Orient Beach will appeal to all ages, there are quiet sections with shallow water for kids, and plenty of water sports such as jet skiing, parasailing, and snorkeling for the active. The naturist section, a beautiful shallow and calm bay lined with palm tress and cute yellow umbrellas is definitely worth a visit. One time we were the only people there, another it was packed with 50 something’s of all shapes and sizes – not as inviting. It is separated from the main beach section to the south by a small rocky spit, so don’t worry if you are not used to nakedness, you will need to make an effort to get there, just don’t stub your toes. Locals and frequent visitors often go topless through the beach – welcome to France.

Sunset at the funky beach bars can be magical, and the restaurants of nearby Grand Case are some of the worlds best. The tropical breezes, sipping rum coolers and soft sand is why we will return again and again The village square in Orient is always bustling each evening with people of all ages and is a great place to people watch and enjoy an island meal.

If you are visiting the island for the first time, Orient Beach is a must see. The thought of wasting time shopping in the town is absurd when the warm sugar sand, buffet of beach chairs sons colorful drinks and beautiful bodies of Orient Beach is just a short drive away. For more information:


Photos in this article can be licensed and downloaded by clicking on them in this post or visiting our online Orient Beach - St. Maarten Photo Gallery. To license this article for publication go to link at top of this post

Contact: David Smith
Cell 604-818-7662

Happy Faces of the Vancouver Gay Pride Parade

These "Faces of the Gay Pride Parade" from the August 1, 2010 Gay Pride Festival in Vancouver are happy, fun and colourful. We should all be that way all the time.

Take the time to view these 75 close-up and happy images of the parade participants.... you will have a smile on your face all day!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Vancouver BC Dyke March - Just Having Fun!

Participants and activities at the Vancouver, BC Dyke March held on July 31, 2010 on and near Commercial Drive.
Lesbians and their supporters revel in their sexual freedom as part of the annual Gay Pride Festival in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
Lesbians and their supporters just having fun on a Vancouver summer day!

See the online gallery of this event

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Another Successful Digital Camera Workshop!

Another digital camera workshop was completed yesterday for enthusiast digital photographers at the North Vancouver Park and Tilford Gardens. Particpants participated in creative camera techniques that included changing exposure value, understanding histograms, creative flash techniques, advanced composition, depth of field and shutter speed techniques.
This photo uses "Dave's Smile Circle tm" camera technique and shows Dave (right side in blue shirt) with his happy workshop participants. Details of this unique group photo technique are posted in this Blog here
Future workshops will occur on August 21, 2010 (for beginners) and on September 18, 2010 for enthusiasts.
For more information and how to register or attend any of David Smith's digital camera workshops, classes, lectures or public and keynote speaking engagements in the Vancouver, BC region check the Training section of Dave's web site at Image by Interface.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Anna Smith is a fabric artist, guest lecturer and key note speaker on Exotic Fabrics of the World.

Color and fiber have influenced Anna since her toddler years. Anna resides in West Vancouver, BC where she instructs fabric arts, quilting and photo transfer classes at art galleries and quilting guilds. She has served on the Executive on several BC Quilting Guilds. As a frequent world traveler, it is her mission to search out new textiles and innovative fabric art techniques to complement her overflowing fabric and embellishment library.

She and her husband, David, a professional travel photographer, travel writer and guest lecturer always have their bags and cameras packed for their next travel adventure. When Anna added photography to her many passions it was only time until she needed to preserve her special photos and works of art into fabric photo creations.

Anna has a passion for color and creating new designs from world fabrics gathered in her travels, She constantly researches and records her discoveries whether it be in the jungles of South America, markets of South East Asia, deserts of Africa or the galleries of Europe. She has lectured on exotic fabrics of the World on cruise ships in 6 continents and continues to teach fabric arts and share her passion when she is at home. Her works have been exhibited nationally and internationally in art galleries, offices, stores and museums.

Anna particularly enjoys the people she has met while pursuing her passion. With colorful travel tales and fabric samples she is bound to entertain, inform and inspire you with enthusiasm and a sense of humor. Anna’s motto is to live each day to the fullest, just like her overflowing fabric studio.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wild Animal Fun in Thailand

Join world travel photographers, travel writers and keynote speakers David and Anna Smith as they romp and play with wild tigers, snakes and elephants in Thailand. Visits to Tiger Kingdom in Chaing Mai, the Mae Sa Snake Farm nearby and and the Nosey Parkers Elephant Camp in Krabi are documented as part of one of David and Anna's Excellent Travel & Photo Adventures (tm)
Visit their photo story gallery Wild Animal Fun in Thailand

From the Interface Images collection of world travel adventures and photo stories. Photography, videos and travel writing available for licensing upon request

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekly Photo Face announced

Facing the World with Interface Images.
We will be sending out a free Weekly Photo Face email to friends, customers and anyone interested in photography, travel adventure, ethnic life and how we see the world and its diverse peoples through the lens. Our passion is the photography of local people in different lands and each Photo Face will have a message, idea or concept to stir your senses.
Here is our first Photo Face od an Old Nubian woman in the Nile Valley, near Aswan. "A glint in the eye is transient but a smile is forever"....David Smith

Please subscribe to our free Weekly Photo Face here
photographers, travel writers and keynote speakers

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Additions to our Fine Art Collection

A brand new colection of Art Images has been posted online at our fine art Red Bubble Art Gallery.
The collection includes artistic scenes and people from Jordan's Wadi Run desert and the Nile River Valley in Egypt.
Framed, high gloss, and canvas prints and cards of all sizes are available and can be shipped world wide.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cool Photographer Tip - Dave’s 'Smile Circle Group'

© 2010 David Smith

Cool Photographer Tip - Dave’s 'Smile Circle Group'
Amazon girls in Sinop, Turkey
As a Vancouver BC based wedding photographer, I created a fun and creative photo technique to capture the bridal party. It became my signature wedding image for all my weddings. I would lie on the dance floor with my camera pointed up, flash on and make sure all of the bridal party were positioned above me looking down and smiling while touching heads. Here are a few examples from our Vancouver, BC Wedding Photography Web Site:

Well I modified this technique to be used in our travel photography adventures so both the photographer and the subjects can be in the shot. This works with BOTH Point and Shoot and SLR cameras and works indoors or outdoors. You can capture up to 10 people with this technique (depends on the camera lens). Here’s how it’s done.
  1. Set the camera timer to about a 10 second duration. Look for the clock/timer symbol.
    Force the flash on to lighten up the faces with strong backlighting from the sky or overhead lights. Look for the lightning bolt symbol or pull up the popup flash (or use an external dedicated strobe flash set at ETL/ATL).
  2. Set the cameras focus method to multiple point or face detection. If left on the default center spot focus setting the camera will not focus on the faces but on the sky or background
  3. Set the lens to the maximum wide angle possible to fit all people in the shot
  4. Remove the lens hood, if any, as the wide angle lens setting will cause a shadow in the lower half of the image created by the light of the flash hitting the lens hood
  5. Turn off image stabilization (don't forget to turn it on afterwards!) to avoid blurring the image whe the camera is stable on the ground
  6. Place the camera on the floor/ground pointing up.
  7. Ask your subjects to gather round the camera facing down so their heads form a ring of faces over the camera. Ask them to touch heads. This always invokes laughter and merriment.
  8. Press the shutter button, and if you want to be in the photo yourself, join the ring and encourage the group to smile, laugh, making funny faces, etc.
Notes: By placing the camera on the floor/ground you have an opportunity to get more people in the shot as it us further away from the subjects versus holding the camera while you lie down. 10 seconds later you will have created a memorable photograph. Take several shots to select a best one
Send us your best shots by email using this technique. The best ones will be featured in our next Images newsletter (See our June 2010 issue) and awarded a copy of our tutorial photography CD.
Want more? David will be leading digital camera workshops and photography classes in the Vancouver BC area this Summer and Fall or order his Digital and Travel Photography Tutorial CD online. Local and long distance Skype tutoring is also available.
© 2010 David Smith All rights reserved. Licenses for image use and content publication are available. Please share this post and links. Contact

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Images Newsletter June 2010 Now Online

The June 2010 issue of our Images Newsletter for photographers, travelers and dreamers is now online. Travel adventures, photography and digital camera tips, photo events and new images from David and Anna's Excellent travel & photo adventures in Egypt and Jordan are featured in this edition. Newsletter archive. Subscribe. Interface Images photo gallery of World Travel Images

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Long Neck Villagers in Thailand - Exploitation or Cultural Oddity?

A photo gallery tour of the Karen Tribe Long Neck village near Chiang Rai, northern Thailand. Close-up portraits of the villagers show the attractive shiny brass rings and colorful ethic costumes of the women and young girls appealing to tourists and visitors.

Neck ring wearers are confined to their village for life and cannot remove the rings once adorned. Is this unreasonable exploitation of tribal women or a genuine desire to maintain this cultural oddity?

Photo essays and stories of this visit are available upon request.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Where are David and Anna?

The first two people to guess where we are will receive a complimentary copy of our Digital and Travel Photography Tutorial CD. Email with your answer. Be sure to include the area or region of the country in your answer.
Hint: It's in Asia....

Don't know? Order our CD online.

Be sure to check out our summer digital camera workshops for beginner and enthusiast photographers in the Vancouver, BC area.
Posted by Picasa

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Face the World with a Smile

We have captured smiling faces from across the world. We are fortunate to be able to travel to all major continents and experience the local culture and friendliness of people everywhere. Just by being nice, taking an interest in and communicating with people you don't know and simpling smiling to people breaks down cultural barriers that often results in the type of photograph we love to create - happy smiling people!

We hope you enjoy our photo gallery entitled Face the World with a Smile and the world will smile right back at you.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Interface Images Art Photography Now shipping Worldwide

Welcome to the Art Photography of Interface Images
This NEW gallery includes world travel, ethnic portraits, landscape, wildlife, lifestyle and black and white art photography. Prints make perfect and unique presents.

Order Framed prints, High-gloss Mounted Prints, Canvas prints and art Cards from our Red Bubble collection.

Shipping to all countries now available.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Isla Robinson Crusoe before the Tsunami

The photo gallery shows island life and scenery of
Robinson Crusoe Island or Isla Robinson Crusoe the largest island of the Chilean Juan Fernandez Archipelago of Chile. It is 674 kilometres west of South America in the South Pacific Ocean.

These photographs were taken on Feb. 6, 2010. These islands were stuck by a large Tsunami wave on Feb. 26, 2010 caused by a large earthquake in Chile earlier in the day.

Our best wishes go out to all the islanders we met during our recent visit.

Monday, February 22, 2010

A Huge and Growing Bucket List

By David & Anna Smith C 2010
To arrange free publication with high res. images contact
More photos to accompany this post are here

"There are travel destinations on our bucket list that we didn't even know were on it" comments pro photographer and digital photo instructor David Smith of West Vancouver after returning from a month in South America.

With a visit to a primitive village in the jungles of Panama, dining on Peruvian seafood in a funky locals only restaurant in Lima, boating dangerously close to thousands of sea mammals in Isla Ballastas off Pisco, Peru and ziplining in the rain forest of Costa Rica he and his wife Anna can’t wait for their next travel adventure.

Starting with digital photography classes at West Vancouver’s Ferry Building Gallery 6 years ago they have been fast tracked to being guest lecturers on Holland America Cruise Lines grand voyages and world cruises - David speaks on photography and local cultures and Anna speaks on exotic fabrics and textile arts of the world. "Nothing gets better than this" says Anna, smiling "we get to share our passion, travel together and see the world at the same time"

Their bucket list gets bigger and bigger as they travel. They travel so much they don’t have time, like most, to create a travel bucket list for the future, they create the list as they go. With their friendly and gregarious style they enjoy meeting and photographing indigenous peoples, researching artisan created fabrics and handicrafts and networking with crew and fellow travellers.

“If you face the World with a smile, it will smile right back at you” notes David as their travel motto.

With a huge photo collection of smiling faces and other images from their world travels online at their Photoshelter gallery web site they market their images directly and via stock photography agencies, blog posts, facebook and twitter. Many of their images are posted as small watermarked images on Flickr since Gooogle image searches find them there easily. Online social networking is a big commitment for them but slows down during their travels.

Their photography has recently been published in several Frommers travel guides (Vancouver and Buenos Aires editions) and in a variety of books, magazines, newspapers. They hope to publish a travel photo book with the face the world with a smile theme when they slow down. Their travel photography is published in travel guides, books and newspapers and they key note speak at conferences, travel and corporate events on travel adventure, photography and fabric arts subjects using multimedia presentations that inform, entertain and inspire. Their online photo gallery is at

With extensive international air travel, their hints for travellers today is to grin and bear the intense security rituals, know the ever-changing baggage and security rules before they pack, travel light and show up really early at airports.

Their Blog is indicative of their life today and is called “David and Anna’s Excellent Travel & Photo Adventures”. With 6 continents under their travel belt, they plan to revisit some of their favorite spots. When asked what they were they replied “the last place we visited, Thailand and the Greek Islands”

Between trips Anna instructs fabrics arts and David continues to teach his popular digital photography classes at the Ferry Building Gallery in West Vancouver’s and the Surrey Art Gallery in Surrey, BC. For more details on David’s class and workshop schedule and locations, their Blog and social networking links visit david has produced a poplar digital and travel photography tutorial CD for beginner and enthusiast photographers.

Contact David Smith cell 604-818-7662 or

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Our Adventure in the Jungles of Panama

Embera Villagers in Panama
Originally uploaded by Interface Images

We visited a jungle village in the Panama jungle last month. To view the photo gallery of this amazing visit with the Embera native village people on the Chagres river system visit our online photo story

Visit ourInterface Images Galleries for other images

in the jungles of Darien province in Panama Central America

Friday, January 1, 2010

Cruise Ship Travel & Life on Board

Images of cruising, cruise ship travel and life on board. Photos of cruise ships, cruising life, cruise ship activities, travel, ports, ports of call, shore excursions, destinations, staff and life on board. This photograph gallery includes a large collection of Holland America Cruise Lines HAL images and shore excursion tours in many world locations inclusing Europe, Asia, South America, Hawaii, South Pacific, Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand. Visit our online gallery of World Travel, Lifestyle and Human Interest photography at

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