Monday, February 22, 2010

A Huge and Growing Bucket List

By David & Anna Smith C 2010
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"There are travel destinations on our bucket list that we didn't even know were on it" comments pro photographer and digital photo instructor David Smith of West Vancouver after returning from a month in South America.

With a visit to a primitive village in the jungles of Panama, dining on Peruvian seafood in a funky locals only restaurant in Lima, boating dangerously close to thousands of sea mammals in Isla Ballastas off Pisco, Peru and ziplining in the rain forest of Costa Rica he and his wife Anna can’t wait for their next travel adventure.

Starting with digital photography classes at West Vancouver’s Ferry Building Gallery 6 years ago they have been fast tracked to being guest lecturers on Holland America Cruise Lines grand voyages and world cruises - David speaks on photography and local cultures and Anna speaks on exotic fabrics and textile arts of the world. "Nothing gets better than this" says Anna, smiling "we get to share our passion, travel together and see the world at the same time"

Their bucket list gets bigger and bigger as they travel. They travel so much they don’t have time, like most, to create a travel bucket list for the future, they create the list as they go. With their friendly and gregarious style they enjoy meeting and photographing indigenous peoples, researching artisan created fabrics and handicrafts and networking with crew and fellow travellers.

“If you face the World with a smile, it will smile right back at you” notes David as their travel motto.

With a huge photo collection of smiling faces and other images from their world travels online at their Photoshelter gallery web site they market their images directly and via stock photography agencies, blog posts, facebook and twitter. Many of their images are posted as small watermarked images on Flickr since Gooogle image searches find them there easily. Online social networking is a big commitment for them but slows down during their travels.

Their photography has recently been published in several Frommers travel guides (Vancouver and Buenos Aires editions) and in a variety of books, magazines, newspapers. They hope to publish a travel photo book with the face the world with a smile theme when they slow down. Their travel photography is published in travel guides, books and newspapers and they key note speak at conferences, travel and corporate events on travel adventure, photography and fabric arts subjects using multimedia presentations that inform, entertain and inspire. Their online photo gallery is at

With extensive international air travel, their hints for travellers today is to grin and bear the intense security rituals, know the ever-changing baggage and security rules before they pack, travel light and show up really early at airports.

Their Blog is indicative of their life today and is called “David and Anna’s Excellent Travel & Photo Adventures”. With 6 continents under their travel belt, they plan to revisit some of their favorite spots. When asked what they were they replied “the last place we visited, Thailand and the Greek Islands”

Between trips Anna instructs fabrics arts and David continues to teach his popular digital photography classes at the Ferry Building Gallery in West Vancouver’s and the Surrey Art Gallery in Surrey, BC. For more details on David’s class and workshop schedule and locations, their Blog and social networking links visit david has produced a poplar digital and travel photography tutorial CD for beginner and enthusiast photographers.

Contact David Smith cell 604-818-7662 or

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