Saturday, July 31, 2010

Vancouver BC Dyke March - Just Having Fun!

Participants and activities at the Vancouver, BC Dyke March held on July 31, 2010 on and near Commercial Drive.
Lesbians and their supporters revel in their sexual freedom as part of the annual Gay Pride Festival in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
Lesbians and their supporters just having fun on a Vancouver summer day!

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Another Successful Digital Camera Workshop!

Another digital camera workshop was completed yesterday for enthusiast digital photographers at the North Vancouver Park and Tilford Gardens. Particpants participated in creative camera techniques that included changing exposure value, understanding histograms, creative flash techniques, advanced composition, depth of field and shutter speed techniques.
This photo uses "Dave's Smile Circle tm" camera technique and shows Dave (right side in blue shirt) with his happy workshop participants. Details of this unique group photo technique are posted in this Blog here
Future workshops will occur on August 21, 2010 (for beginners) and on September 18, 2010 for enthusiasts.
For more information and how to register or attend any of David Smith's digital camera workshops, classes, lectures or public and keynote speaking engagements in the Vancouver, BC region check the Training section of Dave's web site at Image by Interface.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Anna Smith is a fabric artist, guest lecturer and key note speaker on Exotic Fabrics of the World.

Color and fiber have influenced Anna since her toddler years. Anna resides in West Vancouver, BC where she instructs fabric arts, quilting and photo transfer classes at art galleries and quilting guilds. She has served on the Executive on several BC Quilting Guilds. As a frequent world traveler, it is her mission to search out new textiles and innovative fabric art techniques to complement her overflowing fabric and embellishment library.

She and her husband, David, a professional travel photographer, travel writer and guest lecturer always have their bags and cameras packed for their next travel adventure. When Anna added photography to her many passions it was only time until she needed to preserve her special photos and works of art into fabric photo creations.

Anna has a passion for color and creating new designs from world fabrics gathered in her travels, She constantly researches and records her discoveries whether it be in the jungles of South America, markets of South East Asia, deserts of Africa or the galleries of Europe. She has lectured on exotic fabrics of the World on cruise ships in 6 continents and continues to teach fabric arts and share her passion when she is at home. Her works have been exhibited nationally and internationally in art galleries, offices, stores and museums.

Anna particularly enjoys the people she has met while pursuing her passion. With colorful travel tales and fabric samples she is bound to entertain, inform and inspire you with enthusiasm and a sense of humor. Anna’s motto is to live each day to the fullest, just like her overflowing fabric studio.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wild Animal Fun in Thailand

Join world travel photographers, travel writers and keynote speakers David and Anna Smith as they romp and play with wild tigers, snakes and elephants in Thailand. Visits to Tiger Kingdom in Chaing Mai, the Mae Sa Snake Farm nearby and and the Nosey Parkers Elephant Camp in Krabi are documented as part of one of David and Anna's Excellent Travel & Photo Adventures (tm)
Visit their photo story gallery Wild Animal Fun in Thailand

From the Interface Images collection of world travel adventures and photo stories. Photography, videos and travel writing available for licensing upon request

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekly Photo Face announced

Facing the World with Interface Images.
We will be sending out a free Weekly Photo Face email to friends, customers and anyone interested in photography, travel adventure, ethnic life and how we see the world and its diverse peoples through the lens. Our passion is the photography of local people in different lands and each Photo Face will have a message, idea or concept to stir your senses.
Here is our first Photo Face od an Old Nubian woman in the Nile Valley, near Aswan. "A glint in the eye is transient but a smile is forever"....David Smith

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