Thursday, August 26, 2010

We still love to photograph Vancouver weddings in the rain!

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Rainy day weddings in Vancouver are a photographer's dream (and nightmare). The lovely saturated colors, soft lighting and Ashley, the beautiful bride, makes for perfect wedding photographs.  As the photographer I wore my big Tilley hat and "sort-of" waterproof jacket but I still got soaked - but the results were truly worth it.

I kept my camera somewhat dry by tucking it under my loosely fitting jacket and by frequently checking for and cleaning off raindrops on the front of my Canon lenses I kept image rejects and Photoshop editing later to a bare minimum.  My assistant (and wife) Anna would also hold an umbrella over my camera (not me!!) from time to time. The cool moist day fogged up my key lens completely for 30 minutes when I entered the warmer reception area but I made a quick recovery by changing the lens and sticking the fogged lens on a warm register. 

by David Smith
Ashley and Ken's wedding was at the beautiful Minter Gardens in Rosedale, BC in the Fraser Valley - one of my favorite wedding photography locales in the entire BC Lower Mainland.

Late afternoon clearing permitted umbrellas to be put away for a while and lighting magic occurred.

Dave's Dynamo Effect (tm)
I used my "in" famous 'Dave's Smile Circle' tm  and 'Dave's Dynamo Effect' tm camera techniques for some cool and funky portraits.  Both techniques are described in details elsewhere in this Blog.

Have a look at our Image by Interface wedding photography web site for more images from this wedding and many others from the Vancouver, BC region. By the way, congratulations to the lovely bride and groom!
Dave's Smile Circle (tm)

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