Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Why I Love Travel Photograhy

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My wife Anna and I have a mission: “Capture the world – one smiling face at a time”

There are many problems in today’s world but if individuals (and their leaders) would smile more perhaps some of those problems will disappear. This submission is a representation of my collection of close up colorful portraits of ethnic peoples from 6 continents in their local costume and environment and smiling at me - and now they are smiling at you. Perhaps this gallery this will counterbalance the typically dark depressed imagery common to editorial photography that covers what’s bad in the world and might, perhaps, represent what’s good in the world.

Face the World with a Smile (tm) - Images by David Smith

I worked and traveled for 35 years only in North America and Europe on non-photography related business until becoming a photographer in 2003 to follow my lifelong passion. After a successful career in business and crisis management I quickly morphed into a full time career of travel and people photography. My passion for people photography and teaching it has lead me across the world several times in the last several years and I will continue to travel and photograph people until either I stop smiling or people stop smiling at me.

Covering ethnic life, cultural activities and local festivals, I find that there is a common thread among all peoples, cultures and religions – people will actually smile at you – sooner or later. My passion for people and photography gave me the opportunity to visit and live among ethnic cultural groups, different world religions and befriended Asians, Africans, Pacific Islanders, South Americans, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Berbers, Hindus and more. By getting to know individuals and their friends and family in their own habitat, my wife Anna and I quickly learned that nearly all people regardless of race, wealth, language, cultural status or religion will always communicate, immediately or eventually, with a smile, an embrace, incredible hospitality or became Facebook friends because you smiled at them, took and interest in them and ask their permission to photograph them. When I show them their image on the back of your camera – magic happens and people always smile.

“The best cultural ice breaker in the world is a smiling photographer who takes the time to know and share images with his subjects” commented World travel photographer David Smith with an enthusiastic smile and a glint in his eye.

After returning home from each travel adventure, I saw how biased the modern western world is to other cultures and religions because people don’t have the time or inclination to travel and to really know others around the world. My wife Anna and I fortunately do and our motivation for our major works are to communicate the peace and friendship that we find in others as we travel and pass that on through our Faces of the World collections, key note speeches and lectures. Anna lectures on exotic fabrics of the world and our travels to local arts, craft and fabric creators and merchants gives us always colorful photo opportunities and smiles.

Recent ongoing personal projects include “Faces of the World” – capturing and editing candid portraits of ethnic people worldwide for a photo book, a world travel images and stories Blog at, commercial projects of Vancouver and Buenos Aires travel imagery for John Wiley & Sons, editorial photography for ASTM International, Opulence Magazine and key note speaking and lecturing for cruise ship lines, camera clubs and various corporations. I am represented by Alamy,, Photographers Direct and others with my Interface Images collection of 8,000 high resolution images online at

We are still organizing and editing images and video clips from our collection of over 25,000 new digital files. We hope to compete this by the end of 2010. We will self publish a book entitled for consumers and photo enthusiasts and incorporate selected images and video clips in our keynote speeches and lectures for travel and business audiences. We are also writing stories of our amazing travel and photo adventures and will incorporate our new people images there. As always our images are available for book, magazine and web site publishers.

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