Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Field Notes From A Fun Product Photography Assignment

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Fresh Baked Pastries
These close-up images of baked breads, rolls, buns, croisants and sweet pastries came fresh from a French bakery based in Vancouver, BC. The photo gallery of tasty images is posted at our Interface Images online archives

This product photography incudes crusty croissants, glazed fruit pastry, dinner rolls, whole multigrain grain breads, sourdough buns, holiday Christmas yule logs, cinnamon buns, Copenhagen Danish pastry, wedding cake and pastries laden with frosted icing. Yummy!

Lighting of this commercial photography project included a light box, off camera strobe flashes, daylight lamps and ambient light to give the desired shadow and side lighting effects. Five light sources were used: 2 off camera flash units (with Tiffen difusers) over the top of the light box, 2 blue lamps with domes(blue incadescents to create the colour of sunlight)  facing to the front of the lightbox (on either side of the camera) and the ambient room light from a widow.  The shadow effect was easily changed by moving the position of the overhead strobes and the angle of the blue lights. 

I used a Canon 7D and its strobe wireless transmitter to run the strobe flashes set to slave mode. Using a tripod I was able to set a high f stop to maximize depth of field and not worry about the slow shutter speed.  When using the spot focus I ensured that the focus point was in the middle depth range of each product for maximum clarity.  With a lens focal point at about 35mm to mimimize perspective distortion (35mm on that camera is equivalent to the 50mm functionality of the human eye) I moved the camera back and forth to fill the frame.

My client approved each image for shadow and the effect and helped speed up the flow by setting up the pastries. Thanks to Mario Armitano of La Baguette Bakery on  Granville Island, Vancouver for the tasty pastries and the ongoing art photography and product photography business.  He is an incredible sculpturer and master chef.

The cool thing about commercial photography of food like this is the photographer (and client!) got to eat a few of the subjects right after the shoot. 

Our corporate product photography clients have included industrial equipment, jewelley, fine art, packaging and food assignments.  For more information visit Image by Interface or contact David Smith

We await wine and chocolate projects!!

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