Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Best of Italy - Photoshop Enhanced Images

The Best of Italy - Photoshop Enhanced Images

Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Blog: "Images - Connecting the World" by David and Anna Smith

Anna and David Smith
Thank you for subscribing to and your interest in our Images Newsletter "for photographers, travelers & dreamers" published by David Smith since 2006. It will be morphing into a brand new Blog: "Images - Connecting the World" with travel tales and photo tips from David and Anna Smith.

We hope you enjoy our feature rich world travel adventures and travel and photo tips, now with modern graphics, comment and interactive social networking features. More content and cool features and minor bug fixes are coming soon. This Blog is also easier to post and update while we travel the world.

In case you have forgotten you had subscribed to our Images newsletter in one of David's digital photo classes, public, camera club or cruise ship presentations, Anna's exotic fabrics lectures or workshops, we met and hung out with you somewhere in the world, exchanged emails, took your photograph or you took ours, have done business with us, or are friends and family. We promise not to flood you with irrelevant posts or share your email with anyone!

Today's new Blog home page features:

Venice - 42 years later.
Travel photo tips from Mexico.
Short video of Anna's textile arts workshops on Oceania's new cruise ship Marina.
Upcoming Camera workshops by David this summer near Vancouver, BC.
Where's Anna? - a very popular feature will continue in our Blog. Check the lower left of the Blog home page and enter to win.

We have many posts to enjoy and there is an easy Blog search button.

Please visit our new Blog home page, like us on Facebook and share our Blog posts on your Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter networks. Just click on the appropriate buttons on our Blog and posts. Please forward Blog links to your friends. Feedback and suggestions are always welcome. Thank you!

Our web sites remain the same: and

HOW TO UNSUBSCRIBE: You can easily unsubscribe to our Blog updates by visiting the new Blog home page and unsubscribing at the top left side (instant) or reply to this email with the subject "unsubscribe" (may take a few days) and you will be removed from our list - forever!

Smile and the world might smile back at you. Cheers!

...David and Anna

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